• Bouquet Sensation Channels that will make you taste the best of television Available ONLY with the my.t 4K Smart Box
    Rs 200 / month
    Available only with the my.t 4K Smart Box
  • Rs 499 / month
  • Bollywood Mega Pack 15 chaînes de films et de séries indiens
    Rs 399 / month
  • Ciné Pack Le meilleur du cinéma & séries avec 12 chaînes…Vos programmes disponibles en replay sur l’appli OCS et sur Catch-Up TV  
    Rs 399 / month
  • OCS Pack Faites le plein d'émotions sur OCS
    Rs 350 / month
  • Bollywood Pack Brings you unlimited new serials, reality shows, films and lots of fun. Share the moments, share life.
    Rs 200 / month
  • Kids Pack Bring more magic to the world of your little ones with Cartoon Network, Toonami, TiJi & Da Vinci Kids.
    Rs 100 / month
  • Dual Room Different rooms, Different channels, Same time (Service available to 4K Smart Box customers only) All your TV channels now available on a 2nd TV. Watch different TV channels or VoD simultaneously on different with our dual-room service All Prices are VAT inclusive
    Rs 350 / month
  • Applicable Fees for subscription to a new Fixed line Installation Fee Rs 2,300 (VAT Incl.) Additional Fee (For installation request outside business hours) Rs 500 (VAT Incl.) Monday – Friday: 16h30 – 18h30Saturday & Public Holidays: 08h00 – 16h00 Refundable Security Deposit Rs 1000 (Exempted from VAT) (For Residential Mauritians…
    Rs 90 / month
  • Installation costs A one-off fee of Rs 2,000 (VAT excl.) for a new subscription. An additional fee of Rs 500 will be charged for installation after office hours as follows: Monday – Friday: 16h30 – 18h30 Saturday & Public holidays: 08h00 – 16h00(The additional fee will appear on your first…
  • Moving houses You are moving houses and would like to transfer your MT Fixed Line service (along with other my.t Home services, if you have any) to your new address, add the option ‘Transfer of Fixed Line’ to your cart and fill in your details.  One of our agents will…
    As from Rs 1,150