Dual Room

Rs 350 / month
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Dual Room

Different rooms, Different channels, Same time

(Service available to 4K Smart Box customers only)

All your TV channels now available on a 2nd TV. Watch different TV channels or VoD simultaneously on different with our dual-room service

All Prices are VAT inclusive
  • Available to 4K Smart Box customers only
  • Minimum subscription period of 12 months
  • A length of wire not exceeding 40m is provided for the installation of the 2nd decoder/TV
  • If your 2nd TV is situated at a distance exceeding the 40 metres provided for free in this service, you will be charged an extra
    Rs 200 one-off fee
  • A penalty fee of Rs 1,000 VAT exc applies if you terminate this service within the minimum subscription period of 12 months
  • This service is eligible for a single household and should not be extended to other tenants/households who could be living in the same building