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Moving houses

You are moving houses and would like to transfer your MT Fixed Line service (along with other my.t Home services, if you have any) to your new address, add the option ‘Transfer of Fixed Line’ to your cart and fill in your details.  One of our agents will contact you to confirm your request & inform you on the cost.

Depending on the new locality you will be heading to, your existing phone number can remain the same or may get changed.  This will be communicated to you by our agent.

You may inform us of any important information like below, while filling the customer details:

  • Your new address, so as we can start processing your new application as soon as possible
  • A tentative date as to when to cancel your existing line
  • A tentative date as to when to change the billing address of your existing Fixed Line to the new billing address so that you do not miss out on any bill payments.

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